Paperback’s two tinted paper ranges offer a choice of finish and colour. Both naturally have excellent environmental specifications, with Context offering a smooth, consistent surface and shade, in contrast to the tactile finish and mottled, earth tones of Cairn Eco Colours.

Context Colours have a smooth surface and solid colour, and are available in eleven popular tints with weights from 80 to 350gsm. The product is 80% recycled and FSC certified, stocked in 700x1000mm as well as standard cut sizes.

Context Colours are suitable for offset, riso, letterpress, embossing, foiling and screen printing. It can be used for digital printing but tests are advisable to determine suitability for a particular job. The extensive weight and colour range make Context Colours ideal for coordinated graphic materials, covers, inserts, brochures and converted stationery products such as envelopes and pads.

Cairn Eco Colours is a range of muted, mottled shades in 100 and 140gsm. The paper is 100% recycled and the manufacturing process is chlorine free. Shade can vary between makings as a result of the recycled fibres used.

Cairn Eco Colours are available in large sheet formats and cut sizes. The paper can be printed offset, riso, letterpress, digital and foil blocked. However, given the high absorbency and open surface of the sheet it’s best to run tests before ordering.

Cairn Eco Colours are ideal for leaflets, flyers and menus to create an organic, natural aesthetic. Additionally, the earthy, fibrous shades work well as contrasting sections within a publication or catalogue, particularly when combined with conventional, smooth text papers.

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