An extensive choice of mostly 100% post consumer recycled stocks in bright
and natural whites suitable for sheet fed offset, screen and letterpress printing.
Please contact us for suitability for digital work.

Corona Offset is made entirely from post consumer waste. It has good whiteness,
high opacity and a smooth clean surface, making it ideal for all general offset
work. Also available ex-mill in an off white shade (Corona Natural).

Cyclus is another 100% recycled paper with excellent environmental credentials
and printability and is the ideal choice where whiteness is not a prime
consideration. Cyclus is stocked in an extensive range of sizes and weights in
both Offset and Print (matt coated).

Context is a smooth, clean text and cover quality, available in White, Natural and
Ivory, made with a combination of post consumer waste and is FSC certified.
(see Stationery)

LOOP Eco White is a super smooth, premium quality paper and board made from
100% recycled fibre, is FSC certified and carbon neutral. (see LOOP)

Emerald Matt is made from 75% recycled fibres and is FSC certified.
It has good print quality and is ideal for all colour work including leaflets,
direct mail, catalogues and magazines.

Sylvan Coat is a coated, high environmental sheet (100% post consumer waste)
with exceptional bulk and printability. Also available as an Offset in 80gsm with
a distinctive newsprint feel making it an interesting alternative for leaflets,
mailings, newsletters etc.

Corona Plus is an 80gsm particle-gummed label paper with an aqueous
(water soluble) gumming for better recyclability.

Other papers suitable for both sheet and web printing include Maple Matt and Gloss,
Corona Coat, Sherwood Silk, Sherwood Offset and Sherwood Natural.
Please contact us for further details.

For samples or swatches please call us on 020 7540 4222 or use the Sample Service.
Click to download a PDF of Graphic Papers / Whites range table
Graphic Papers/Whites range table


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